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posted by Nicholas "Zoo" Burke on 2014-07-07 16:37:58

To those few who may be reading this,

First off, let me just say holy shit you are awesome. I've been silent for this long, and you've bothered to come back! Kudos!

Second, I believe I owe you two apologies: one for letting you down by stopping DAtW, and another for giving no reason why. For suddenly neglecting this comic without any warning or explanation, I am sorry.

As for why, it's complicated and personal. By the end, for a number of reasons, DAtW stopped being a positive aspect of my life. The problem wasn't physical or mental really, but spiritual. This four year old project by the end stopped being about giving to others, or personal expression, or any of the reasons why I chose to make a webcomic. It became worse than an obligation; it became a black-mirror of unresolved issues. It became this thing that I just did without question or passion.

And towards the last 20 pages, it really showed.

I felt my artwork stagnate, I stopped having any stability or confidence in the story, I was second guessing EVERYTHING, but moreover the comic's stale body had become nothing for me but a constant reminder of my own issues. Issues that I've come somewhat to terms too, but over which I still have some ways to go before I can tell this story.

For my own good, I had to wake up from this comic. After I did that, I could not face it again, what with all of the failure and anxiety it represented. I couldn't even draw Destiny until I had a quick trick to Amsterdam over a month ago. For shizzle, that picture was drawn in Amsterdam. Where have I been the past year of my life, you might ask? Everywhere. From Africa to Scotland.

So while I'm not saying this comic is dead...I am saying that for the time being, I am working on a different project. Again, I am sorry. I know if you are reading this, it means you were attached and involved with *this* story. I promise you: if I had kept on going, it wouldn't have gone anywhere good.

I am now working on a project where I am *JUST* the artist. Not the writer, not the promoter, and thank fucking goodness, not the editor. I am doing art and design, the two things I really did enjoy about making comics. Taking this role has allowed me the right amount of balance and focus to make something worthwhile.

This new project makes me really, really happy. I'm making art for art's sake again, and for the sake of others to enjoy it. On top of that, I've got a kickass writer with whose ideas I can compliment, and that's what I needed more than anything else. That, and someone who can edit it.

I understand if you'd rather just go the other way at this point. But if you are willing to give my stuff another chance, from now until my new project's release I will be posting concept art for it here on the site. Other than art, I'm afraid I can't release any details for it yet. Below, I've included the first of what's now an enormous folder of work. Check it.




Too bad

posted by R.N.Gauthier on 2014-07-07 19:00:30

I'm sorry things haven't been going your way, and I'm sorry that DAtW became a burden for you - it had a great initial premise that looked like it might have soared. Nevertheless I understand that these things don't always work out, and it is one of the risks we take as readers when we follow a near real-time effort at creating a story that we may not see it complete. In the days when the only way to distribute this type of work was by dead trees, we never saw what must have been a staggering number of efforts that never made it out of the artist's sketchbook.


posted by Yuniecorn on 2014-07-09 01:22:30

Although I'm sad that there won't be more to this story for another long while, if ever, I can understand why you decided to drop it. Some times things just don't work out, and I know I would rather you switch to something more fulfilling than continue to struggle through with something that is just frustrating you when it as intended as a fun thing.

All the best in your new project :)
(I'm still going to keep this in my file of dead webcomics that I check every few months, just in case)


Uh oh time for my serious face...HRGH! GEHRG GAH...nope not happening

posted by That Guy on 2014-07-09 17:30:28

Whereas I loved this comic I suppose this kind of thing cannot be helped, and that's okay. Honestly I'm glad your still doing artist work even if it isn't Datw in fact I'm actually excited to hear about this because I liked your art style the most.

Good luck, and try to keep up that whole "not dying" thing it suits you.


Happy for You...

posted by DeathUriel on 2014-07-10 23:37:46

Well, I guess your problem was not completely different compared to "goblins" author after all. I am glad you found something that makes you happy. I was really hoping through this whole year that eventually we would see another page. But, if it wasn't working for you it is for the best that you stop (even if for good). One of the things that drawn me to this comic was your awesome dark art style. Reminded me of Jhonen Vasquez, not really because you two draw in a similar way but more because you have this way of showing the darkest and cruelest of aspects. Even if I don't ever see another page of DatW I am glad that at least we will keep on seeing your art style always improving with these concept arts. Good luck with this project.



posted by Pasha on 2014-07-13 13:07:17

It really sucks that it came to this, but hey shit happens. No matter what project you're working on, I'm sure that others just like myself will have your back. I look forward to your new project with all the enthusiasm as I've had for DATW


posted by on 2014-07-15 22:58:27

Thanks for sharing what you did - I certainly enjoyed it a great deal.



posted by on 2014-07-16 17:19:58

DeathUriel: unlike Thunt from Goblins, Nick didn't have his fans pay his debs off, his mortgage, and keep him with a comfortable yearly cash flow. Nor did he then have what essentially became a hissy fit about "having to work at making a comic in return for the monetary support".

Thunt is a petulant child who can't even take his ACTUAL DAY JOB OF MAKING HIS OWN COMIC seriously because doing something you love in exchange for tons of money is OH SO HARD WOE IS HIM.

Nick is a well adjusted adult, teacher, and world traveller where this comic was a HOBBY and cost him money regularly.



posted by DeathUriel on 2014-07-22 02:11:56

I wouldn't go so far as to offend to Thunt on the way his work made him go crazy as I already experienced work-induced burnout, as a programmer it is a really common problem to happen in my kind. There was a time by the end of last year that I couldn't even hear the sound of a skype phone call without getting stressed and pissed on whoever called me even knowing that I had already quit my job for some months, all of that because all of the crazy stress I got by last year's summer (actually winter for me). And don't get me wrong, I love programming, but that doesn't change how forced or exaggerated work can take the best of you. I wouldn't go so far as to judge his position or the way he feels as I am not him, nor am a close friend of his to have a better perspective on the subject. Anyway, I have to admit that having the information you gave me about Nick I have to agree that his problem was worse even though he looks pretty sane.


good to know

posted by sam_bedge on 2014-07-22 06:41:56

Personally I'm just glad you're ok ! Whishing you all the best in your new project, and I'll be checking that out for sure!

Totally understand how this sort of project can go from being a Labour of love to the monster on your back, but no matter what you feel about it now, please know I have loved every single stroke of your pen and every word you have written.

Be happy with whatever you do.

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