Feast your eyes upon this Bio-Fey-Steampunk story with inherent elements of the Gothic Genre drawn in a Theater Noir style about life, death, dreams, reality, and why you don't associate with Undead Cabbages.
This comic contains violence, gore, nudity, and controversial topics such as drugs, sex, religion, and the aerodynamics of a human kidney. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.<br><br>

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If i spilled his pint....

posted by sam_bedge on 2014-09-25 13:18:08

...i'd buy him a brewery to apologize.....


Do the wolf tattoos have any further meaning? is this a skin changer?


posted by VictorSierraGolf on 2014-09-29 05:13:21

I presume he's a professional warrior?
If he is, since you're going for more realistic female warriors, too, you might want to lose/shorten the beard. While it certainly looks badass, there's lots of hair to be grabbed. Really a disadvantage against somebody who knows what he's doing...

Also, nice to see actual runes instead of made up nonsense.

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