Feast your eyes upon this Bio-Fey-Steampunk story with inherent elements of the Gothic Genre drawn in a Theater Noir style about life, death, dreams, reality, and why you don't associate with Undead Cabbages.
This comic contains violence, gore, nudity, and controversial topics such as drugs, sex, religion, and the aerodynamics of a human kidney. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.<br><br>

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Are you...

posted by Prof. Oak on 2014-08-29 15:00:29

Are you a boy or a girl?


posted by That Guy on 2014-08-29 15:06:39

Damned beardless elves.



posted by Nicholas "Zoo" Burke on 2014-08-29 15:32:43

Hey everybody,

Just to clarify, yes the Stjarnos from last week was based largely off of the real life animal the Starnose Mole.

So, this would be Aiden. Aiden's the otherside of my personal goal to design characters that defy typical gender roles. In short, *he* is a pretty, pretty princess.

Actually, more specifically, he's a changeling: a humanoid that was placed in a mother's crib by the Seelie (Fey). Rather than your typical elven ears though, I tried to give him Deer ears, and note his little antlers.

His outfit is basically ripped off of Margery's Outfit from Game of Thrones (Season 2). Although, I think he looks prettier in it than she does.


About the Looks

posted by DeathUriel on 2014-08-31 17:22:51

Even tough I like how he looks with the clothing I cannot agree he looks better than her in these clothes. The only reason she is better is actually two. He lacks the boobies... =O

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